Friday, 25 September 2009


I constantly wonder the meaning of a theme recurring in my dreams as I embark on that nightly 7-hour unconscious voyage. The constant and disturbing subject matter is that of death. Death, arguably is one of life’s great paradoxes. It is the known and it is the unknown. Each living matter will undoubtedly meet its demise at some point – this is of course the known. The unknown, which stays hidden like the lunar power of the moon over the earth’s tides, is the specific point at which this known will indeed occur.
I have spoken to a range of people and consulted a number of sources on the importance and relevance of death while in the subconscious state. The dream’s analysis perceptibly depends on the sensitive content. From what I have read, these dreams are reserved for the more sensitive amongst us. Although the dark content may be quite frightening, it is the reaction to the dream that carries particular significance. A typically dismissive and an inclination to forget these troubling subconscious images can potentially mean a release from current worries and signify the polar opposite to the subject matter – i.e a recovery or a rebirth.
With this in mind and according to experts change is on the horizon, but how can one explain the fact that this subject matter is constant in my subconscious. In line with said theories, things in my subjective life must always be changing and the death of one aspect of my life is quickly replaced by something new and different. Perhaps these dreams containing strong elements of change are a method of talking to my inner self. Perhaps I will never know specifically what has changed, but I suppose it is that unknown element of death – in a subconscious and literal physical sense - that keeps things interesting.

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